Monday, 22 November 2010

5 Ways to Win More Business with Google Places

Interesting - are you using Google places?

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With the rise of smart phone use in the US, (Google Android and iPhone are currently reporting roughly 500,000 activations a day ) it’s more important than ever to have your Google places listing up to speed because when people use voice search on  Android phones, the first results they see are from Google local.
Local listings & Google Places

With the recent Google launch of Hotpot, Google is entering the local recommendation space.   Hotpot combines Google Places, the places you like and the places your friends like making it even easier for people to make decisions about which local businesses to patronize.


Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Do you have an interest in Africa?

If you do, have you met Ida Horner?

Ida HornerOver at Birds on the Blog, we adopted twin African girls through one of Ida's charities. Ida helps African women generate business through her site Ethnic Supplies. The women make the products and Ida sells them, and the women get paid a sustainable income.

Ida never asks for herself, she has only ever asked for the women in Africa who depend on her.

Well, one of Ida's customers went bust owing her a lot of money. That puts her December trip to Uganda in jeopardy.

If she doesn't go, there will be no more work for the women involved in her projects. Communities will be affected. Families affected. Children affected. Ok, I guess it's not as big as Bono pulling our of Africa :), but people need her help, she's their hand up.

Ida blogged about it and the African community have rallied and tried to help her, they even have their own hash tag (which came about as a bit of humour in a tough situation). It's #AfricanCyberBegging. Her request is here - Airmiles to Africa

So I will ask you, do you have any airmiles, points from loyalty cards that can become airmiles. Can you help us to send Ida to Africa, so she can continue her work.

Would you consider buying one gift from her site as a Christmas present if you don't have airmiles to donate?

Please click the Airmiles to Africa link and tweet it out.

Together we can help someone, it doesn't take a lot if we work together.