Monday, 24 November 2008

Light Removals in Basildon

What is a Light Removal and why use a courier?

A Light Removal service is a service for people who wish to move small amounts in and around Basildon. They may not wish to use a removal company or cannot afford to use one. They may want to move out of hours or over a weekend, it could be many reasons and cost comes into it in these tougher economic times.

A courier service charges for the distance travelled and time, whereas another company might charge for additional things such as packing materials, crates etc. Most couriers carry felt cloths to cover furniture and straps to secure items.

It's not just domestic customers that use a light removal service, it's also businesses such as cleaning companies who wish to move machinery.

If you would like a light removal quote then please call us on 0844 884 3331

Same Day Courier and Light Removals

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