Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Quantity of Backlinks you need to raise PR


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Well, I was looking on the Internet for how many backlinks you actually need to raise your PR and What PR do they need to be and I found this useful calculator.

Hope you people find it useful.

To achieve PR2 you need 101 PR1 or 18 PR2 or 3 PR3 or 1 PR4/5/6/7/8/9/10

To achieve PR3 you need 555 PR1 or 101 PR2 or 18 PR3 or 3 PR4 or 1PR 5/6/7/8/9/10

To achieve PR4 you need 3055 PR1 or 555 PR2 or 101 PR3 or 18 PR4 or 3 PR5 or 1 PR 6/7/8/9/10

To achieve PR5 you need 16803 PR1 or 3055 PR2 or 555 PR3 or 101 PR4 or 18 PR5 or 3 PR6 or 1 PR7/8/9/10

To achieve PR6 you need 92414 PR1 or 16803 PR2 or 3055 PR3 or 555 PR4 or 101 PR 5 or 18 PR6 or 3 PR7 or 1 PR8/9/10

To achieve PR7 you need 0.5M PR1 or 92414 PR2 or 16803 PR3 or 3055 PR4 or 555 PR5 or 101 PR6 or 18 PR7 or 3 PR8 or 1 PR9/10

To achieve PR8 you need 2.8M PR1 or 0.5M PR2 or 92414 PR3 or 16803 PR4 or 3055 PR5 or 555 PR6 or 101 PR7 or 18 PR8 or 3 PR9 or 1 PR10

To achieve PR9 you need 15M PR1 or 2.8M PR2 or 0.5 PR3 or 92414 PR4 or 16803 PR5 or 3055 PR6 or 555 PR7 or 101 PR8 or 18 PR9 or 3 PR10

To achieve PR10 you need 84M PR1 or 15M PR2 or 2.8M PR3 or 0.5 PR4 or 92414 PR5 or 16803 PR6 or 3055 PR7 or 555 PR8 or 100 PR9 or 18 PR10

That would be the table, M stands for Millions and, remember that it is OR, it doesn’t mean you need all of them, it is one or another.

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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Where does the money from our blog go?

Our revenue from Birds on the Blog is quite low, too low to split between the contributers. So we put it to good use, we pay for the education of twin girls in Uganda.

A worthwhile cause.

If you visit our blog you can read more, if you subscribe to our newsletter you will get in just in time for our free Christmas gift to you.


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With that out of the way we headed to the school. The children put on a song and dance for the parents and it was heart warming to see. We had drinks and bites courtesy of Hastoe Housing Association staff who selected this community as their overseas project

I sneaked off and had a meeting with the Head Teacher to see how he was settling (only been with us for 3 weeks) and also met the Girls’ teacher. She gave me a sneak preview of their end of year class reports. Although they are only 5 they had to do exams, Perfect was 5th out of 80 and Princess was 12th, whilst their older sister Cycline was 5th out of 30. Their best subjects are English and Maths. I can’t tell you how proud that made me feel. I also learned that our contributions were enough to cover Cycline’s fees last year so we have have sponsoring all 3 girls!

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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Blogs and the snow

Gosh what a week in the UK. Yes this is my obligatory snow post :)

Earlier this year we had snow and I blogged and video'd a few snow posts. Driving in the snow is here

You can see Ken talking about his snow tyres here.

Jackie Walker shares the seduction of snow here and how she has prepared for it in Scotland.

Are you prepared for the snow?


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