Thursday, 19 November 2009

Spare a thought for our troops please and sign here.

Whatever you feel about war, the soldiers are the ones that pay. They pay for the decisions of politicians regarding where and who to fight, they pay for the failures on budgets, they are the ones that follow the orders.

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When I was alerted to this, I felt real sad. My wife wanted to join the RAF, and if she'd this would have been a lifeline to us, as it is to many soldiers. Soldiers are people, with family and friends who maintain hope and keep them motivated.

Please see below a petition to keep the British Forces Post Office from closing. This means that all free post (under 2kgs) to Afghan will be stopped amongst other things.
Below is a quote from Sky News.
"When the servicemen and women of our country are fighting and dying for this government's dubious honour, it treats them with the contempt it has shown across the board," he said. "The BFPO has for decades provided a lifeline that is utterly vital in maintaining moral and now they want to cut it. "MPs have granted themselves £7,000 a year postage - but they seem to be happy to put extra costs on service families. How typical, how venal, how vile."
Please sign the petition.
Whatever you think, please spare a few minutes to add your signature to the petition.


Kevin Arrow

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Friday, 13 November 2009

When choosing a courier is it better to choose cheaper?

When you choose a cheaper item, you need to know why it costs less. Often in the case of clothes a cheaper item is made with lesser quality materials, with a courier the reasons that they are cheaper are often hidden.
As a customer who uses the cheapest courier service about, the only justification for that is the item isn't very expensive or worth very much.

When a courier slashes their prices, something has to give, they may reduce their insurance levels (or opt for going without insurance), downsize their vehicle or start to co load the items.

Whilst co-loading itself isn't a problem, if its done correctly, you will make some great savings. But if it's not done right, then your goods could be delivered late or damaged, both of which do nothing for your reputation as a business!

So next time you start searching for a cheap courier, ask what you are compromising on and if the item is of low value... then it doesn't matter. But if the item is really valuable (financial or sentimental) then you need to ask will you get what you pay for?

Same Day couriers

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