Sunday, 19 April 2009

Basildon same day courier services - vehice sizes

If you are looking to book a same day or next day courier service, you need to know what size vehicle you need. Your van depends on the size and the weight of the items of freight or cargo, here are some guidelines -

*Small Van - up to 500kgs

*Transit van - up to 1000kgs

*LWB Transit / Sprinter up to 1500kgs

*Luton - up to 1100kgs, mainly used for bigger bulkier items.

(Both our Luton's have tail lifts)

Booking a vehicle that is too big is a waste of resources, but booking a vehicle that is too small may mean your items do not get delivered!

Call us and we will happily advise you 0844 884 3331, local rate wherever you are in the UK.