Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Quantity of Backlinks you need to raise PR


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Well, I was looking on the Internet for how many backlinks you actually need to raise your PR and What PR do they need to be and I found this useful calculator.

Hope you people find it useful.

To achieve PR2 you need 101 PR1 or 18 PR2 or 3 PR3 or 1 PR4/5/6/7/8/9/10

To achieve PR3 you need 555 PR1 or 101 PR2 or 18 PR3 or 3 PR4 or 1PR 5/6/7/8/9/10

To achieve PR4 you need 3055 PR1 or 555 PR2 or 101 PR3 or 18 PR4 or 3 PR5 or 1 PR 6/7/8/9/10

To achieve PR5 you need 16803 PR1 or 3055 PR2 or 555 PR3 or 101 PR4 or 18 PR5 or 3 PR6 or 1 PR7/8/9/10

To achieve PR6 you need 92414 PR1 or 16803 PR2 or 3055 PR3 or 555 PR4 or 101 PR 5 or 18 PR6 or 3 PR7 or 1 PR8/9/10

To achieve PR7 you need 0.5M PR1 or 92414 PR2 or 16803 PR3 or 3055 PR4 or 555 PR5 or 101 PR6 or 18 PR7 or 3 PR8 or 1 PR9/10

To achieve PR8 you need 2.8M PR1 or 0.5M PR2 or 92414 PR3 or 16803 PR4 or 3055 PR5 or 555 PR6 or 101 PR7 or 18 PR8 or 3 PR9 or 1 PR10

To achieve PR9 you need 15M PR1 or 2.8M PR2 or 0.5 PR3 or 92414 PR4 or 16803 PR5 or 3055 PR6 or 555 PR7 or 101 PR8 or 18 PR9 or 3 PR10

To achieve PR10 you need 84M PR1 or 15M PR2 or 2.8M PR3 or 0.5 PR4 or 92414 PR5 or 16803 PR6 or 3055 PR7 or 555 PR8 or 100 PR9 or 18 PR10

That would be the table, M stands for Millions and, remember that it is OR, it doesn’t mean you need all of them, it is one or another.

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